Approved Providers

MDR – Serving healthcare systems and providers since 1998 as trusted Healthcare Business Advisors and Best Practices Solution Providers, MDR™ is led by a seasoned team of trusted healthcare advisors in multiple disciplines. With its team’s extensive background and experience in hands on management and leadership with leading edge healthcare organizations and through partnerships with Best Practices™ Solution Providers, meaningful and measurable results in profitability and performances are realized.  


Organizational Results LLC – was formed in 2011 by a group of supply chain and financial executives to bring dynamic supply chain automation solutions to our clients. Our solutions drive cost savings and revenue streams for corporations in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Grocery, Wholesale, Distribution, Education, and Government sectors.

We offer a complete Procure-To-Pay solution from requisitioning, approval, and budgeting, a robust EDI integration and web-based suite including all vendor testing and on-boarding; and a dynamic E-Payables solution that enables our clients the ability to turn their Accounts Payable Departments into a profit center and cash back into the system on a monthly basis, all while reducing the costs of paying invoices.


DataTrans Solutions, Inc. – provides a broad range of quality EDI and B2B solutions designed to enable companies to communicate business data electronically. Whether you are a small company looking for a simple web-based EDI solution or a larger corporation searching for a reliable new EDI system, DataTrans has the right solution.

All of our products and services provide extremely reliable and affordable methods of connecting to trading partners, transforming data, and integrating into existing business processes. DataTrans Solutions can help you improve operational efficiency and address your specific IT requirements. Look to DataTrans for the most comprehensive and reliable EDI and B2B solutions on the market. 



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